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apeman debuts new smart cycling camera series, new logo and new slogan in CES PEPCOM 2022

CES PEPCOM is one of biggest consumer electronic exhibit in the world.
Every year, many brands, electronic manufacturers and startups will attend to showcase their latest innovations and products.

Las Vegas, January 4th – apeman, a premium consumer electronics manufacturer announced their attendance to CES PEPCOM 2022. There, they debuted their new smart cycling camera series – SEEKER to the media journalists and tech enthusiasts.Their products were aimed at providing the best cutting edge outdoor video and photo technology for cyclists while enhancing also enhancing their quality of life and safeness while cycling.

With the rise of environmental awareness, many are transitioning to more sustainable ways to travel, and commuting via bicycle became one of the 3rd most popular mode of transportation in the United States(source).As these numbers are only going to grow moving forward, but so are the numbers of road accidents that many of these cyclists will encounter.

Jimmy Huang, the Director of apeman, a cycling enthusiast is himself, wanted to create an all -in -solution that can help other cyclists overcome some of the biggest vulnerabilities of cycling – not being seen. “We wanted to make use of the best technology that is available to us and increase the visibility and the safety of our users.We also wanted to come up with a solution that allows cyclists to also be completely aware of their surroundings.” – Jimmy, Director of apeman

By combing his own hobby and the latest technology could offer, the SEEKER series was born.The SEEKER series features 2 smart cycling cameras – SEEKER R1 and SEEKER F1.SEEKER R1, the flagship of this series was designed specifically to combat the need for the riders to glance over their shoulders in order to change lanes or do a quick traffic check.

The ingenuity of the SEEKER R1 is in the mountable bracket itself.SEEKER R1(hereby called R1) has its own integrated light safety system – SEEKER Smart Tail Light and the Anti - Collision Laser Bike Lane.The SEEKER Smart Tail Light is a combination of a smart brake light and a taillight system, with a built -in light sensor.The SEEKER Smart Tail Light can detect the ambient environment lighting, giving it the ability to turn itself on or off, automatically.

The R1’s brake light system can also detect when the user is slowing down.Once it does, it will enter “warning mode” and begin flashing brightly to signal any motorist incoming behind.The Anti - Collision Laser Bike Lane will also activate and work in tandem with the SEEKER Smart Tail Light.When activated, the R1 will project 2 laser bike lanes on both sides of the cyclist, creating a “cycle - safe - zone” warning other vehicles to keep a safe distance.

SEEKER F1(hereby called F1) which is unveiled with the SEEKER series, is the front - facing companion of the R1.Like the R1, F1 also comes with its very own light sensor.The Adaptive Lighting Headlight is a powerful and bright headlight that can illuminate even the darkest roads or trails ahead.Users can toggle between 5 different modes of the F1 with ease, either via the Go APE app or manually with the Power / Mode button.apeman also specifically engineered a special mount for the F1, so that their users can quickly snap the mount on and be on their way.

The highlight of this launch – GO APE SR Sense Mode is the most beneficial factor of the SEEKER R1 and F1 safety system.Both devices, once paired with the companion Go APE app can transform any smartphone into your very own personal digital dashboard / rearview e - mirror.SEEKER ONE(an 4K modular action camera that comes bundled together with the R1 & F1), will relay live camera footage to the smartphone.This function is especially important for the R1 as it will provide a super- wide 150˚ FOV of what is happening behind you, while the digital dashboard keeps you updated with relevant information such as your cycling speed, travelled distance, battery life, altitude and others.

SEEKER as a series was designed with cyclists’ safety in mind.It’s a convenient all -in -one solution that not only increases your visibility while you cycle but also deterrent for hit - and - run accidents.If you are interested in picking up a unit for yourself or want to find out more about the product, please feel free to visit their Kickstarter campaign.

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