Over the recent years, it’s quite normal to see cyclists mounting the action camera on their bike these days, from first-time users to professional cyclists, all of them can be seen using one and not just in cycling but also in daily life.


In this post, we’re going to share:

  • Can a cycling camera be used as an action camera
  • 5 main factors you should consider before buying it

    Can a cycling camera be used as an action camera?

    The answer is YES! They are useful away from the bike too. Unlike regular cameras, cycling action cameras come with a range of accessories designed for you to capture photos and videos whether you're surfing or mountain biking. Its compact yet tough, waterproof and sturdy material allow you to switch easily between serenity or wild adventure mode. The possibilities are endless!


    5 main factors you should consider before buying it

    Before you purchase any cycling camera, the first thing you need to know is understand your needs. You should explore the features and learn how to operate it by reading the user manual or watching tutorial videos on YouTube. Buying a cycling camera can be complicated with its different specifications. So in this blog, we’ve rounded up 5 main factors that you might need to consider before buying:


    #1 Video Quality

    Video recording is the primary function of a cycling camera. At the moment, 4K is the best video quality you can get in the market. It is known as Ultra HD. Of course, they are the most expensive as well. It’s not essential but if you want a very high quality video you should consider this.


    #2  Connectivity

    Want to upload and transfer video to your smartphone? Look for Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, and also for HDMI. Some options, like the apeman SEEKER R1, even have their own app that allows you to edit, customize, and share video to social media on-the-go.


     #3 App

    Cycling cameras that come with apps can make the cyclist's experience a whole lot easier and entertained. To give you an example, you can connect the apeman SEEKER R1 rear action camera to your smartphone and you'll see a live feed of the camera on your phone which allows you to see incoming traffic from behind without glancing back. 

    Besides, you can edit, customize and share your story with just a few clicks in the Go APE app and also used for firmware updates. 

    #4 Battery Life

    An average cycling camera has a battery life of around 60 minutes but this will never be enough for your daily adventures right? So, we highly suggest you look for the battery capacity because some models can provide a battery life of up to 300 minutes. It is also recommended to keep your action camera fully charged before use.


    #5 Mounting options

    Action cameras that mount on the bike are either handlebar mounts or facing backwards under the seat. Off the bike, you can also get helmet mounts and chest mounts which are great for downhillers.  

    Of course, a selfie stick tripod is also another option to allow users for a shake free filming or taking photos by themselves. 



    A cycling action camera is a great device for anyone who wants to capture their adventures in different ways. When you have an action camera that has all these options at your fingertips, it’s like having a spy cam around your neck 24/7

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